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Bayan Dahdah

3 Tales of Tenderness - Abla and Antar

3 Tales of Tenderness - Abla and Antar

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DTG Printing on Jute Cotton
One Size / Unisex
AED 630

A 3-part shirt series recounting tales of tenderness from the region, starting with a macro-scale story all the way down to a micro one.

The story of Abla and Antar; a tale of forbidden love from Najd Pre-islamic Arabia (what is now Saudi Arabia), far predated that of Romeo and Juliet’s. Antar, a brave and skilled warrior, fell in love with Abla, a beautiful and virtuous woman from a neighbouring tribe. Despite facing numerous obstacles, including Abla's disapproving family and societal norms, the two overcame their differences and eventually got married. Their love story has since become a symbol of true love and devotion.  

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